Taylor Salazar

Founder - Social Media Wiz - Reception - Innovation - Dojo Mama

I have loved Jesse Salazar half my life. When I met him, he was in the throes of his martial arts training. He was at the studio most days right after school till 9pm, teaching students and practicing, always practicing.

I have always been a wayward spirit, not really knowing what I would do with my life. I have too many interests and my focus is constantly changing. But this boy who I had fallen in love with had given me a gift. I watched his dedication, determination, and discipline towards this one thing and it shocked and amazed me. Who could love something so much, even with the bad days? 

My sole purpose in this world has been to love and support Jesse Salazar. His gift to me was direction. His dream of owning a studio became infectious and morphed into my dream. By the time we were 17, we had solidified our goal and began working towards it. And here we are today. What we're doing is very different in terms of martial arts, but it feels absolutely right. 

My role in the studio is the same as it has been for Jesse and my relationship. I'm here to lift you up. I am here to play with your smaller children while your oldest concentrates in class. I'm here to listen when you've had a bad day. And I'm going to be here to tell you everything is going to be alright, because sometimes that's all you need. 

Call me Taylor, call me crazy lady at the desk, but I'm the Dojo Mama. Because here, we're more than just a martial arts studio, we are family.