What we offer…


Self Defense

We work hard to make sure that our style is not only challenging and growth provoking but also practical. We take your safety very seriously and do our best to teach the most practical self defense techniques. 


Ground Defense

Most self defense situations end up turning into a wrestling match between the defender and attacker and this is why it so important to know what to do in these situations. Here at NEO Martial Arts we teach ground defense with an emphasis on getting back to your feet. This is important because self defense is about getting away from your attacker as safely as possible and that is hard to do while rolling on the ground with them.



Although we are not primarily a competition school we do offer several opportunities for our students to compete throughout the year in order to develop confidence and expose them to other martial artists and martial arts schools. Variety is not only the spice of life, it is also the key to becoming an experienced martial artist. You can only defend yourself against that which you’ve been exposed to, so the more exposure our students get the more effective they will be at defending themselves.




Learning how to throw a punch is important for self defense but learning how to avoid punches is even more important. This is why we teach striking at NEO Martial Arts, so that our students can work together to practice both practical offense and defense. We pull striking techniques and theory from a number of different martial arts styles including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Kung Fu.

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Forms and Weapons Training

Weapon training rarely has a place in practical self defense and forms do little to nothing on their own to teach self defense, but they do contribute to your effectiveness as a martial artist. We only teach forms and weapons as a means of conditioning and development of coordination. As martial artists we demand a lot of our bodies and it is important that we take the time to develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination required for our bodies to perform what we ask of them. This is why we offer form and weapons training. 


Neo Fitness Classes

Are you more interested in the fitness aspects of martial arts? Then these classes are for you. There’s no sparring in our fitness classes, which means no contact, except between you and the bag! So try our fitness classes today and let out some aggression while having fun and getting into shape!


We have classes for all ages, four and up, and all our classes are age specific to ensure the highest quality! So, whether you’re interested in classes for yourself or a loved one, we have what you’re looking for!