Jesse Salazar

Founder - Head Instructor

I was asked recently by a very wise man, why is it that I want to teach for a living? Why do I want to invest so much of myself in others? Why would I want to take on the burden of those around me? This was a question I had never considered before. I had always just taken it for granted that helping others was the "right" thing to do...the "noble" way to live one's life. It had never occurred to me to question my motives for what I consider to be the best part of me. 

After much thinking and lots of false truths, I realized that I am unhappy with the idea of living for myself...something that society had been telling me to do since I entered it. The general rule in our culture is to look out for yourself and your own, but I feel that all this does is separate us from a greater truth; that we are all in this together, we are all connected. 

The more we try to separate ourselves from those around us, the more we sink into ourselves. The more we think in terms of this is me and that is them, the more we isolate ourselves. Once we are isolated then everything that is not us is a threat and we wind up living a life in fear of the perceptual dangers we've created for ourselves. I don't want to spend my life running from shadows...and besides, what's the alternative? The only real choice for me is to try to inspire progress and love.

This may be my only life, my only chance to create happiness for myself and those whom I come into contact with. Growth and love are all that matter to me. I want to build my life on growth and love. I'm here to prove myself to others, to show them what I am and what I stand for.

This is me, this is my life.