Ishiki No Geijutsu

Here at Neo we teach a unique style of martial arts called Ishiki no Geijutsu. This art was founded in an attempt to bring balance back to the martial arts industry. 

We believe that life is a duality of experience and perception. Our perception is our mind's understanding of our body's experiences, and our goal is to help our students to understand this connection between their bodies and minds. Without an awareness of the symbiosis between body and mind we cannot bring control to our lives.

The name Ishiki no Geijutsu literally means "the art of awareness", in Japanese. We chose this name because it is representative of the awareness that we are trying to bring to our students lives.

Ishiki no Geijutsu uses a combination of techniques from various arts to create a cohesive style that emphasizes stand up self defense with aspects of ground defense integrated throughout. This style will introduce students to a range of moves from karate and kung fu to judo and jiu jitsu.

Our art is so integrated that we don't claim any one style over any other. We have taken the major concepts behind the styles we are most familiar with and boiled them down to their most practical form. 

We also devised a unique belt system to symbolize the different philosophical areas we hope to help our students improve upon. Martial arts has many inherent virtues, such as dedication, discipline and respect, but our goal is to instill more than just these inherent virtues in our students.

We have created a mental curriculum around the philosophical areas of growth, love, compassion, and selflessness. These philosophical areas of improvement correlate to the different belt colors and their symbols.


Belts in order from first to last:

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Green Belt

Growth and self improvement

Blue Belt

Acceptance and adaptation

Brown Belt

Represents balance and confidence

Red Belt

Anger and passion

White Belt


Black Belt

Accomplishment and continuation of growth

Life is in a constant state of flux. Ishiki no Geijutsu is by no means the end all be all of martial arts, but it is our attempt at improvement. In order for our art to stay alive we must continue to grow, we must continue to improve.